Monday, September 19, 2011

Field Entrance

Ode to Haydenville continues with "Field Entrance", a beautiful location at the top of a hayfield I used to look at from the bottom of the hill. There were chestnut, oak and maple trees that lined the rim of this hill and just beyond, was a slope down to the thick woods engulfing the property.
In the summer time I would take walks through this field when the grass was high and visit with the cows in the pasture below. Usually, my cats would join me on the stroll and be completely mesmerized by the cows in the distance. I remember the sky being so blue while the green of the grass vibrated in the brightness of the day.  I also remember feeling overwhelmed by it all.
This was a smaller piece, about 13" x 19" and was shown at the Fiber Arts Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. The woman who decided to buy it said it reminded her of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

 Light blue turquoise was used as the first dying for the sky, light golden yellow was sprinkled in small trees and grass, vibrant green was used for shading and lastly, dark brown (Havana Brown) was used for the tree trunks and branches.

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